Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Music Video Finale

So, our next GT project is going to be a music video. I decided to get into a team of four and my team of four is Taylor, Blossom, Mike and myself.This group of people is especially special because this is the same team that I worked with last year on this exact same project and we got first last year so we figured that we would reunite in the final project of my eighth grade year. We have selected a song called Baby by Justin Bieber. We decided what our song should be by originally thinking about the artist and Justin Bieber came to our mind and we thought that his songs could have a great story and some humor. After we came up with our song artist (Justin Bieber) We started thinking what different humorous songs that he sings that has a story to it. Thats when we came up with Baby.

We decided to use the whole song instead of just 2 minutes of it. Our visuals will be the storyline and the lip synch switching back and forth. So our story is that a girl (I will be playing the girl) is getting fought over by two people. Blossom will be playing the one that I dumped and Taylor will be playing my new acquaintance. And Blossom is fighting to get me back. Honestly I think that our storyline is very funny and humorous. This storyline that we chose relates to the lyrics of the sing because in the song it talks about like a first love leaving, so we kind of made it relative to that subject.

I think that this music video finale shows off just what exactly we took in from GT. I think that we all have the skills to make this video the best of the best. I Think this because of various reasons shown by our music video. Well first, we have some amazing shots and angles that compose of good lighting and a great focus. Second, this video had to be edited to the beat with filters and we definitely learned about that so that was shown. And also, We all needed to work together to come up with ideas and make plans so this showed our level of team work for sure.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

So, our new GT project is going to be a movie trailer. For this project we can have a group of up to four people, and my team is Mele, Wailana and Blossom. Basically this movie trailer must be a 90-120 second fictious film that leaves our audience with a cliff hanger.In this film there must be a voice actor or narrator who can vibrantly hint at why our movie is a must see. Also, we need to include an original movie poster made by our team. And lastly this movie trailer must have the highest level of production so our audiences eyes and ears are glued to the sceen the entire time! With all of these goals in mind my team and I decided to go with a movie idea called "Escape". This is about a teenage surfer who finds a mysterious pice of wax and this wax somehow transports her to a futuristic world. She wakes up in this world confused and she is trying to figure out how she will get back to reality.

I think that through this project we've had our ups and downs. Some major downs or challenges are finding a day that would work for all of us becuase all of our team is featured in the film. Another challenge we have was all working together to edit the actual videos. Other than those things I think that our team did a fantastic job on mostly everything else! For example I think that we did a great job following and meeting the expectations of the goal we were given. And we were also very good at collabortating and listening to everyones opinion and making a compromise

I feel like we could have done better on our movie trailer by doing a couple things. First of all we could've improved on the continuity of all of our videos and we also could've mae it a little longer. So as you can see the critique results are on the side. I think that we did good on the creative side of this film and I am pretty sure if we made just some small adjustments we would have come out with a better grade. Next time we defenitely need to pay more attention to detail.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

So our next project is the called the metamorphosis animation. That means that whatever we animate about must change or transform at a point. Basically the goal for this project is that a team of three will first come up with two focus statements that consist of the pattern "noun, verb, noun". For example Caterpillar changes butterfly. The second part of this project we will be taking our two best focus statements and making a power point pitch presentation and present it to the class to get their opinion on it. After the class gives their opinion, we decide and then we create a story board and finish our plan document. Then we start animating and our goal for that is that we have to produce an animation video that is 1-2 minutes with a custom soundtrack.

The focus statement that my team and I chose to go with is "Ala obtains Confidence". So this story is kind of like a princess and the frog based story but we changed it a little. This mythical story starts off with a prince that courageous have any courage and he can't do anything on his own. So this prince seeks wisdom from an old wise man that lives in a beach hut. The wise old man turns Ala the prince into a chicken until he can find confidence to do something. Ala spots a beautiful princess but he doesn't have the courage to talk to her. He soon meets a go with the flow, beach chicken named Mike. Mike encourages Ala to talk to the princess. Finally Ala approaches the princess and they have a nice conversation. At the end of their talk the doesn't princess to give Ala a hug. All of a sudden Ala miraculously transforms back to human and now knows how to be confident and back.

I think that the critique went fairly well and gave us the results that we were expecting. The only thing that we could improve would be making the backgrounds and the props a little more neat and clear. Like for example I think that we could have drawn the stop motion scenes a little better. But honestly our team worked really hard to pull this off and receive a 4 out of 4 and that is what we got. So yes, I agree with the critique results and what the class rated us.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Facial expression are universal but in different cultures they mean different things. For example everyone smiles but it doesn't always mean that they are happy. Like in the untied states we just walk around and smile and showing respect but in Switzerland they say they are the happiest people in the world although they rarely smile. SO facial expressions is more of a cultural practice.

this project is pretty easy but the thing is it has a lot of steps that you need to follow to get it right. First You have to take a portrait of someone or something. Then you put it in photo shop and add adjustments to the picture to make it more visible or lighter. Then you make an outline with the line tool and make it in a bright easy color to see like red. Once the outline is done you focus on the six features of your face. Your hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and all the empty skin. Then you fill those six features entirely with triangles ranging from big to small. After you whole entire portrait is covered with triangles you start to blur the triangles so it is just one solid color. To do this you first select the polygonal lasso tool and select one triangle and then push ⌘F which is a short cut for FILTER>AVERAGE>BLUR. You repeat this process till all of your triangles are filled in on one side. then you simply outline it again and push command J to make a copy of the other half of the face. Then you aline the two halves together and you are done!

Well since we did this project two different ways, the easy way and the custom way, and of course there are pros and cons about both. An example of the easy way that we did it is the image of my face with the white outline still showing. That way was really simple but I think that you couldn't be too creative with it because for that way to work you would need to take a symmetrical picture of yourself. The custom way is this example to the right. This picture is of my sister and this way took way longer but you can be way more creative when picking your colors and taking your picture. I definitely struggled with this way much more but I think that I am catching the hang of it. So out of the two I like the custom low poly more because I like that we have a lot of freedom.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

We have another project called retiming nature. This project includes different types of videos than usual. We are taking some time lapses and slow-mos. Other those videos will be a nature poem made by us. So nature impacts my life because nature is all around us. without nature there would seriously be nothing. I think people take the beautiful nature for granted because there is so much of it. But I don't and i definitely think that nature has impacted my life greatly.

Time lapses and slow-mo's aren't easy. These things take a lot of patience and time. First of all it takes some practice, you might not be able to do it the first time. Second of all you need to have a sturdy camera, any movement of the camera and your video could be ruined. You can create a time lapse with your phone by just putting it on a time lapse setting (if you have) Or just pushing the record button and then make it a time lapse in FCPX. Although, if you want better quality i would suggest to use a camera and just push record and just letting it run out.  To make slow-mos I suggest using a camera to get better quality when you are close up. And basically you just put your camera somewhere sturdy and video something that you think would be visually compelling in slow-mo that is about 5-10 seconds.

My favorite part of this whole project was probably going out to different places and just filming. This was my favorite part because I got to enjoy all of the beautiful scenes while doing my homework. The hardest part of this whole project was probably being at the right places at the right time. For example, it was hard to go to and find the place with a gorgeous sunset. Another part that was hard for me was using FCPX because its a little new for me but once I started I got the hang of it and I am definitely aware of how to use it now! Over all this project was duper fun and I'm glad that I got to do it!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Hey guys, this is the new blogger account for "Kalista Chills". For our first blog we had to write about our poetry. I think that poetry is a type or form of art used to express or tell about people feelings and emotions. Poetry is a type of literature that has more meaning than just normal writing. In poetry there is a certain rhythm that is meant to inspire and speak to people. I also think that people write or draw poetry to send an important message not just for looks.

I strive for adventure
I thirst for fun 
Because you only live once
After that you're done
So go above and beyond
Time is magic
and you have the wand

So the Rhyme that I used for my poem basically is a rhythm of a,b,c,b,d,e,d. I used this rhythm because I think it works the best for this kind of poem than any others. Poems don't always have to rhyme but I chose to make mine rhyme. I feel like when you rhyme the poem flows better, but that's just my opinion. Next time I write a poem I would definitely like to try something different because you can't be wrong when you write or make poetry.